The Elaphiti islands are a group of islands right next to Dubrovnik. Even though this small archipelago consists of several islands and rocky only three of them are main and permanently inhabited. Those three are Koločep, Lopud and Šipan and they are a definite must see while you are on your vacation.

Koločep is closest to Dubrovnik and is also the only Croatian Island with two offical names. Locals who are living there still calls the island by its greek name, Kalamota. Island is also a home of several beautiful caves. Most popular would of course be the Blue cave,  our mainstream spot on every kind of private boat tour.

Lopud, the middleone is maybe the most visited because of beautiful sandy beach Šunj. That is also the only sandy beach in the area.

Šipan, biggest out of these three hides some old 16th century summerhouses worth of seeing.

All three islands  are covered with characteristic Mediterranean evergreen vegetation. They are also car free areas which makes them perfect to walk around and explore by yourself. In case you get tired or hungry you will find plenty of restaurants with fresh and local cuisine.

This kind of private boat tour is a perfect chance to meet locals and get to know the domestic way of life out of the city crowd.

In Snooky Tours we created three kinds of private boat tours: half, medium and full day private boat tours with departure from Dubrovnik City. Our tours are a mainstream with a twist. They are private and specially designed for you. Your wish is our command but we are also allways ready to suggest and advise you. With our experience and knowledge we will help you to have a best day ever.

“Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer” 

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